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How to View Kannada Text

Internet Explorer Users

If you are using Microsoft® Internet Explorer version 4 or above, and you still cannot see Kannada Text, then set the Text Encoding to "User Defined" as follows:

Click on View -> Encoding -> More... -> User Defined

For previous versions of Internet Explorer, you need to download Baraha 5 Kannada fonts. Please see instructions below.

Netscape, Opera, AOL and other users

You need to download Baraha 5 Kannada fonts. Please see instructions below.

We're looking for help from anyone who can convert Baraha Kannada font into dynamically downloadable "Portable Font Resource (PFR)" format, using tools like BitStream's WebFont Maker, HexWeb Typograph or Extensis' Beyond Press. This will allow Netscape users to view Kannada text without having to download fonts manually. Please contact the Webmaster if you can help.

Downloading Baraha Kannada Fonts

These fonts can currently be installed only on Microsoft® Windows 95, 98, ME, NT 4, 2000 and XP. If you are using a different operating system, and a browser other than Internet Explorer 4 and above, you may not be able to view Kannada text on our website directly from your browser. As an alternative, we usually also provide a Portable Document Format (PDF) file, which can be viewed with the free Adobe Acrobat® Reader™.

At website, we use the new Baraha 5 fonts, whose names are prefixed with "BRH," like "BRH Kannada." We don't use the older Baraha 2000 fonts, which are prefixed with "Baraha," like "Baraha Kannada." You need to have Baraha 5 ("BRH Kannada") fonts installed on your computer. If you don't have them, you can get them from's website for free. There is no need to remove the earlier fonts or earlier versions of Baraha when you install Baraha 5 application and fonts. If you have the Baraha 5 fonts but the web pages still don't show Kannada text properly, your font files or the Baraha application may have got corrupted. In this case, we suggest that you first remove the Baraha 5 application and all the Baraha fonts, and then re-install them by downloading the latest copy from's website as explained below. (You can find all your installed fonts from the Fonts application in the Microsoft Windows Control Panel.)

To get the free Baraha 5 Kannada fonts, go to Baraha 5 download page on website. Follow the instructions to download and install the Baraha 5 application baraha50.exe. This will automatically install the required fonts on your system.

Please note that NASA doesn't own or maintain website, Baraha application and Baraha fonts. The owners of those items are not associated with NASA. All registered names and/or trademarks used on our website belong to their respective owners.

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