NASA 40th Anniversary Celebration

Chiguru May-2024

Where: Best Western Hotel and Conference Center, Westminster, MD
When: July 4, 2024 – July 7, 2024
Registration: Link to Chiguru – May 2024
Deadline: June 15, 2024!

How To Join The Meeting?



The principal office of the North American Sankethi Association Inc. (hereinafter known as the “Corporation”) shall be at 34 Longwood Drive, in the Town of Clifton Park, County of Saratoga, State of New York. The corporation may also have offices at such other places within or without this state as the board may from time to time determine or the business of the corporation may require.


A Sankethi is a person whose mother tongue is the Sankethi language or whose ancestors mother tongue was the Sankethi language.


If there be any conflict between the provisions of the certificate of incorporation and bylaws, the provisions of the certificate of incorporation shall govern.


The bylaws may be adopted, amended or repealed by members at the annual meeting of members. Bylaws may also be adopted, amended or repealed by the board of directors but any bylaw adopted, amended or repealed by the board may be amended by the members entitled to vote thereon as here in before provided.


Any person who has completed the age of 18 years and who subscribes to the aims and objectives of NASA shall be eligible to become a member.


The corporation shall be managed by the board of directors which shall consist of a President and eight directors. Each director shall be at least nineteen years of age.


Unless otherwise provided for in the certificate of incorporation, the board may elect or appoint one or more vice-presidents, a secretary and a treasurer, and such other
officers as it may determine, who shall have such duties, powers and functions as here in after provided. All officers shall be elected or appointed to hold office until the regular meeting of the board following the election of directors including the president. Each officer shall hold office for the term for which he/she is elected or appointed and until his/her successor has been elected or appointed and qualified.

Sankethi Heritage

By Dr. K. Krishnamurthy, Mysore

The Sankethi is the name of a very small community within the larger group of brahmins of old Mysore State, with their ancestral home,located in tiny villages mainly in Hassan, Mysore and Shimoga districts. They speak a mixed ‘sankethi’ dialect of tamil though residing in the heart-land of Karnataka. Till the other day, the women had their own style of wearing the saree. Young ‘Balabrahmacharis’ with their distinct forehead mark (Gooti Nama) were a common sight in their villages, some fifty years back.

Up to the beginning of this century, this community as a whole – may be a thousand families including the branches termed ‘Kowshika’ ‘Bettadapura’ and ‘Malanadu’ was generally averse to take up any kind of servitude either in Government or in private sectors, because of its extraordinary passion for leading an independent life. It was allergic to modern education too. Perhaps their strong liking for an independent and self-sufficient way of life lead to their choosing the agriculture profession involving tough physical labor. Thus, in those days every sankethi had a cultivated areca garden, besides other lands.

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 28 Cranberry Circle, Medford, NY 11763