We hope that these commentaries invite you to think about our Sankethi history, philosophy, religion, and arts. If they don’t, please send us commentaries that will. We believe that questions of identity, context, and history are critical. And we want to foster dialogue on aspects of our background that involve these areas.

Here is a selection of commentaries that have been provided to us thus far.

Famous Sankethis

The Sankethi community has an illustrious past and present punctuated by significant contributions in community service, medicine, arts, philosophy, science, law, and business. Sankethis have influenced many diverse areas and this listing of disciplines is just a brief set of those representative areas.

We hope that our fellow Sankethis will submit articles on the accomplishments of their family members and themselves as their time permits.

By collecting these articles, we will be able to create a living history that old and new members will be able to draw inspiration from as well as define further.

Let us know if there is something we can add or change to help these goals move forward.

Dr. B.K. Narayana Rao (1881-1965) More Details


Rudrapatna: A proud Heritage
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Sankethi Heritage by Dr. K. Krishnamurthy

Sankethi Saga by M. Keshava Swamy


Performing Gowri and Ganesha festival

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Contacts for preparing special dishes for Gowri and Ganesha festival

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Sankethi Anthem
By M.S. Nataraja


Basics of Hinduism By M.G. Prasad

Purpose and Value of Worship by Dr. Ramakrishna Click Here


Recipe for Chomai by Prema Kumar

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