Aims and Objectives

from Article II-Purposes, NASA By-Laws
Get Bylaws – April 2014 Amendments

To provide a forum for the members of the community to meet frequently and maintain religious, cultural, charitable, educational, and social activities.

To bring about a formal relationship with Sankethi Associations in the various parts of the world and participate in their activities suitably.

To promote religious, social, cultural, educational exchange of scholars and artists from different parts of the world.

Aid in the education of the community children through suitable means.

Sponsor summer camps/trips for the youth.

Encourage the younger generation to understand the culture, language, and family relationships.

To establish a charity fund for the benefit of cultural, educational and human service of economically disadvantaged people of the world.

To assist religious and cultural institutions in North America and elsewhere.

Sponsor suitable cultural programs of interest to members.

Increase the awareness of contribution of Sankethis to the society and country


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